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Daily Decadence Blog

Welcome to RubyLand, the place where we all want to be. Very simply, it's all about inspiring decadence into each day of your life. There are fabulous things all around ready to delight you if you just stop, open your eyes and yourself and touch, taste, feel -- celebrate -- something each day.

Wine is a slow thing. Here in Napa Valley, we're in tune with the seasons, close to nature and all her nuances because we are awake, aware and listening. Why? We have to be. It's what wine is all about as it starts in the vineyard one morning at a time. We celebrate a lot, often just so we can open a bottle to see how our latest release is doing. We need very little prompting or preparation to invite in a little decadence. This is what visitors say when they come here. But what they don't realize is that this sense of calm and lusciousness can apply to anyone, anywhere. No winery required. You can find yourself living decadently now right where you are with a simple shift in attitude, a more sensitive ability to observe and a conscious effort to invite even five minutes of celebration into your packed day.

Try these serving suggestions.

xo, Ruby

Wine Spectator New World Wine Experience

Sin City was a treat this Halloween! Full of fabulous wines and great friends. We were up all night but did find our nice airplane early this morning in (relatively) one piece.

Summer thoughts and bookish notes

This has been a most decadent summer so far, especially when the sun decides to shine up here in Calistoga. Somehow it seems to help the ink flow, too.

SF loves to eat

we met with our friend in the city on sunday late afternoon and started with a place called ame which was very, very lovely

You only have one birthday a year, right?

unless you are our friend g. what fun we had… little black book says slingshot sb 07, nice. Michael James wines, syrah 05? 06? remind me j :) leather & horsehide, snickers bar,

Dinner at solbar

solbar in calistoga is one of my favorite places to while away the hours. the people are great, the wines are always flowing and the food is exceptional. in the summer the big widows slide wide and let the inside out. winter, the contemporary fireplace is a good spot to cozy up and drink heavy [...]

Quick list of thanksgiving pairings

i was recently asked on facebook for some thanksgiving feast pairing ideas. thanks katie from Anne’s Fabulous Finds! this was my response. thought it might be fun to see (if you missed it in the comments…) katie writes: “I’m an AFF employee and fellow wine lover:o) Can you suggest a wine that will pair nicely [...]

More upnorth

lunch started out innocently enough…


had to try the wines….

New york wine experience day two

what do you pair with a hot pastrami sandwich from Katz’s deli?

New york wine experience day one part three

here’s where things get interesting.